Déa Julien

In the Press:


 “Under Mr. Speciale’s direction, some of the performances are keen and nuanced, like... Déa Julien as a student-affairs coordinator.”

The New York Times


“Déa Julien lends a remarkably authentic voice to this familiar story as Christina...Julien delivers one of the most engrossing monologues of Davies' hyper-realistic text, giving credence to a story that is dismissed by many as a tale of "sexual regret.”

Theatre Mania


“[Déa Julien’s] vulnerability was onstage magic.”

Theatre In The Now


“In a detailed and emotionally rich performance as Christina, Déa Julien crystallizes one of Stet’s many takeaways...”

 New York Theatre Review


“Déa Julien...breaks your heart with her story of Christina’s rape, but even more so when she knows her story will be swept under the rug again.”

Times Square Chronicle